CCC Just-in-Time Award Program

The Cincinnati Cancer Center (CCC) is offering Just-in-Time (JIT) awards to support investigators seeking to use CCC Shared Resources (core facilities) to generate critical data for a research proposal to be submitted in an application for extramural funding.

Investigators may apply for up to $5,000, annually.

High priority will be given to:

  • Recent, scored, but unfunded extramural proposals that cite data deficiency that can be addressed.
  • Proposals that support competitive application for extramural funding.

Research Core Facilities of the CCC include:


  • Research proposals must be related to cancer research, and must focus on at least one of the CCC’s thematic areas.
  • Only costs associated with services provided by CCC’s Shared Resources are allowed. Funds will be directly paid to the core facility for the services rendered.
  • Projects must not overlap with other active internal or externally funded grants or contracts.
  • JIT funds must be spent within a year of award.
  • All presentations and publications that include data resulting from JIT support, should acknowledge the core facility, and affiliation with and support provided by the CCC.


The CCC JIT award is open to all CCC Members. All applicants must be CCC Members. All UC, CCHMC, and UC Health faculty are eligible to apply for CCC membership. Investigators that have received CCC JIT funding in the past 12 months are not eligible.

To Apply:

Invited applications require the following elements to be completed and/or uploaded to the CCC Just-in-Time Application page:

  1. Face Page
  2. JIT Shared Facility Director Approval Form. Please consult with the Core Facility Director prior to submission to discuss the scope and feasibility of the proposal.
  3. NIH Pink Sheet (if applicable)
  4. Proposal [not to exceed 1 (one) single-spaced page; Arial font 11, 0.5″ margin] composed of:
    1. Background
    2. Hypothesis
    3. Specific Aim(s)
    4. CCC Shared Resource (core facility) plan of how the funds will be spent
    5. Statement whether the proposal supports a successful, extramural letter of intent, scored but unfunded extramural grant submission, or resubmission of an unfunded grant.

Review of Proposals:

Completed applications will be reviewed for scientific merit, feasibility, and programmatic alignment. Decisions regarding JIT applications will be completed within 10 business days from the date of receipt of application.

Please address questions to:
Shuk-Mei Ho, PhD, Director, Cincinnati Cancer Center, e-mail:

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