The Cincinnati Cancer Center is a joint effort of Cincinnati Children’s, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and UC Health.

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Governing Board

Internal Advisory Council

  • Syed Ahmad, MD, Dir. for Clinical Research; Prof, Dept. of Surgery; UCCI GI Center Leader
  • Bill Barrett, MD, Director, UCCI; Chair, Dept. of Radiation Oncology, UC COM
  • Michael Edwards, MD, Chair, Dept. of Surgery, UC COM
  • Ken Greis, PhD, Assoc. Dean for Research Core Facilities; Prof, Dept. of Cancer Biology, UC COM
  • Thomas Herzog, MD, UCCI Clinical Director; Professor, Dept of GynOnc, UC COM
  • Elyse Lower, MD, Professor, Div. HemOnc, UC COM; Director, Medical Oncology
  • Richard Lu, PhD, Sc. Dir, Brain Tumor Center, Cincinnati Children’s; Professor, Dept. Pediatrics, UC COM
  • Donna Martsolf, PhD, Associate Dean, UC CON
  • Harinder Singh, PhD, Director, Div. of Immunobiology, Cincinnati Children’s; Dept of Pediatrics, UC COM
  • Peter Stambrook, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, and Microbiology, UC COM
  • Susan Waltz, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Cancer Biology, UC COM
  • Georg Weber, PhD, UC College of Pharmacy
  • Peter White, PhD, Chair, Dept. of Bioinformatics, UC COM; Director, Div. of Biomedical Informatics, Cincinnati Children’s