Cancer Will Not Win

No single institution can win the battle against cancer alone. Here in Cincinnati, three important institutions are joining forces to fight the battle together and to create something much greater than the sum of its parts.

The Cincinnati Cancer Center has incredible potential. Not only will it provide superlative cancer programs to people in the Tri-State area, it will also make significant advances toward the ultimate goal: to defeat cancer everywhere.

Fulfilling this potential, however, requires substantial financial investment. Gifts from people like you, who are profoundly committed to eradicating cancer, will support sophisticated technologies, world-class scientists and doctors, state-of-the-art facilities, and groundbreaking research. You will fund the risk takers who are willing to explore new ideas. You will play a role in creating a new and unmatched synergy as we move toward becoming an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Cancer leaves no one out. Many are suffering. And many more know someone with cancer or have lost someone to this disease. But cancer will not win.

Believe in the doctors and the researchers, the nurses and the technicians, the people who enter clinical trials in hopes of advancing knowledge. Believe in the profound resolve of the Cincinnati Cancer Center. Believe your generosity will make a measurable difference and will help us continue to fight this fight for the sake of people everywhere. And believe it begins right here in Cincinnati.

The Cincinnati Cancer Center needs your generous support.

For information on ways to give, please contact:

Laureen McCorkle
Director of Development
Cincinnati Cancer Center

Health Professions Building, Suite 250B
3255 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0662